Dr. Naseema, M.Sc, Ph.D (Madras), M.Sc (London)/ (years unknown to us)


“I come from a very much educated family. Yes! my grandmother was a teacher herself in a school. My mother, my aunties and elder women cousins were all teachers because my grandmother was of the opinion that every woman should stand on her own legs (but only upto teacher training), and then work as teachers in a girls’ school.

I wanted to study but it was difficult in my community so it was a struggle to break the family tradition. Luck favoured, my father supported me and I emerged as the first graduate in my family but my desire and aspiration to become a medical doctor remained a distant dream because I had to study with boys.

Well ! my journey did not stop with graduation I proceeded to do my post graduate followed by a doctorate (Ph.D) degree. Very much later, after marriage and two children, I could add on another M.Sc degree to my qualification from the Royal Veterinary College, London.

After my successful graduation the impact was so positive that all other younger women cousins could go higher up in their education, in various categories. Not only the cousins, my mother could also raise above to become a professor from a secondary grade teacher.

Today I am a retired senior citizen but I still work attached to an organization to keep myself occupied.”

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