Susan Vergese, B.A, Ethiraj College, Chennai, 1977

Susan Verghese


“I am Susan Vergese, wife of George Vergese. After schooling in Mumbai and thereafter in Chennai, I passed out from Ethiraj College, Chennai in 1977. I did a course at Cultural Academy, Chennai and then got married.

I joined my father’s business selling X-ray films. After my father’s demise, I continued to run “The X-ray and Allied Products”. During this time, among competitors, I managed to get our firm to becoming the top distributor too. However, owing to digitization, hard copies of x-ray films started losing market especially with top hospitals and clinics, all of which switched over to digital x-ray machines. So while I still continue to sell X-ray films, I started honing some of my other skills.

Among them is wine making and filter coffee making; I simultaneously sell flower arrangements for specific occasions. I have several other passions including interior decoration. While friends and relatives visit, especially when I have wine ready to serve, much of their time is devoted to appreciating the interiors of our home. Before leaving, they normally ask for a sip of my filter coffee too.

Based on my training at Cultural Academy I take cooking classes, take part in cooking or cake baking competitions and walk away with the first prize.

Life goes on. I enjoy every moment. I look for a group of like minded ladies who have similar interest to interact and exchange notes.”


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