Dr. Indumathi Venkatesh of the Freedom Generation

“I was in Trivandum, studying intermediate in the Maharaja’s College for Women. Actually Mountbatten was supposed to come to our college. They had asked me to garland him. But he never turned up. We hoisted the flag, and we were all excited and happy it was independence day. I had also participated in the Quit India movement when I was 11 years old. One student leader in Madanapalli (where I was studying) encouraged all of us to lie down and block the road. I was scared that he would take away my books so I was reluctant. But I did it when he said no one will take my schoolbooks.
At that time we had no radio. Only my uncle had a radio. At home we stuck up a flag, and we continued this practice every year.”
Courtesy: Indumathi Venkatesh.

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